Questions To Ask Your Spray Tan Technician

January 28, 2018

Ever found yourself in front of a spray tanning technician and wish you knew more about the process? Of course you have. So we're going to give you a list of some great questions that you can ask before/during/after your spray tan appointment!

What is the best way to prep my skin for the spray tan?


What are the best products to help prep my skin?


How do I take care of my tan?


How long will the tan last?


Is your solution organic?


Does your spray tan have skin care benefits?


What will cause my tan to fade quickly?


Do you offer a solution that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles as well as cellulite? (ok so this one isn't necessary BUT B+G offers an AMAZING tan that has anti-aging and skin firming ingredients and our clients love it!)



Don't be afraid to ask questions - it's your tan, time and money and if you're using a certified technician, they should have all the answers readily available for you.


xo The B+G Team







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