Spray Tanning Myths Vs. Facts

April 4, 2018

There are SO many misconceptions about spray tanning - which is why we feel like in order to properly educate people, we need to discuss the myths vs facts with y’all. 


Myth (for the most part) - you will be orange. With OUR proprietary solution, you will NOT be orange. We use walnut shell exctrat along with an olive base color to create a very healthy, natural looking brown tan. There are, however, companies out there who will turn you orange because of the ingredients they use. So before you get your spray tan, ask questions!!


Fact- You will get tan lines. We love spray tanning to achieve an even, healthy base tan for our skin. We like not having to be blotchy or sunburned. You’re able to achieve a perfectly flawless tone for your skin. That being said, if you wear any undergarments, you will still get tan lines. So as we always say, if you’ve got a special event you’re attending, definitely go topless! Going on vacation and wearing a variety of bikini bottoms? Nude may be your best bet. 


Myth - spray tanning is streaky. It really shouldn’t be if you get a tan from a reputable company with certified technicians. 


Fact - your tan will fade. Of course it will because you shower and sweat and naturally exfoliate. You need to take good care of your spray tan which is why we created our very own product line that pairs perfectly with our tanning solution. By using our products pre/post your spray tan, you will see a huge different in the longevity of your tan. 


Head over to our website to purchase any of our B+G luxury retail items today! Link below!







Do you have any spray tanning questions? Give us a call or shoot us an email - we’d love to help!!























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