Let’s talk about legs...

May 21, 2018



Ok it’s summer (basically) and we are showing WAY more skin than we were a couple months ago. One of the BIGGEST complaints we hear women say is “I hate my legs! They’re so pale/veiny/cellulite filled/bruised...you get the point. And tbh, we feel the same way about our own legs. Because we are women and we are our own worst critics. 


Good news ladies...a spray tan will HELP reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite and ALL of the other visible imperfections you may have because in essence, a spray tan is like makeup for your body and will create an even coloring of your skin. If you’re lucky enough to love your legs, a spray tan will help your legs look even better by creating a more defined, toned appearance.


It’s a win/win in our book. That dress you LOVE but have been refusing to wear or those shorts that have gotten dusty over the years...time to bust those out and embrace your newly Bronzed stems. 


If you feel your best, you look your best. 


Xoxo The B+G Team






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